Grounding a Scene

Scene Activity

The incidental movements and activities of characters help to define them, and the things they surround themselves with and use are part of who they are. Besides that, what they do in response to events can be "external signs of what they are feeling."

Filling the activity of scene requires a large reservoir of images in your mind.

(To build that reservoir, observe and keep a journal with notes on the differences in how people move, given the variations in their height, weight, age and gender. Watch children of all ages. Note the ways that people express distress, pleasure, boredom, curiosity. Pay attention to what people have in their rooms, and how objects are used. )

Suffer Your Art

Styx & Stones

They used to put two coins over the dead person's eyes to keep them closed. Some believed that death rowed you away to the afterlife once you died. Whether or not the man went to heaven or hell depended on what the reaper got (stones or coins).
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